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Seafood Chowder

This is a recipe that leaves much to the cooks own taste. The basic recipe goes like this.


  • Some Potatoes - enough for four people, peeled and quartered,
  • A half pound of smoked cod or Haddock stripped from the skin and flaked and de-boned,
  • A good sized onion - half chopped finely and half chopped into larger pieces,
  • A good sized leek - cleaned and sliced into half inch pieces,
  • A bag of peeled, frozen shrimps and/or prawns,
  • A bag of one of those frozen "Seafood Cocktails", NOT the one with the sauce, the one with mussels, cockles, squid rings, scallops and even octopus.
  • Seasoning, salt and pepper, including chilli powder to taste. (This is not a "Hot" dish in the spicy sense - The chilli is there for flavour rather than to give a bite!)
  • A little single cream
  • A clove of garlic - crushed


De-frost the frozen seafood whilst carrying out the first part of the method.
Boil the potatoes until cooked through and then, without draining the water, mash them. Add the cream, salt, pepper, garlic and chilli to taste.
Add the onions, leeks and smoked fish and stir in well. Cook slowly until the large onion pieces are soft. Taste occasionally and add salt, pepper, garlic and chilli as required.
When the onion is soft you should have a thick gloopy soup.
Keep the pot simmering and add the now de-frosted seafood. bring the pot back up to simmering, stirring constantly and cook for three minutes. Serve with warm crusty bread and chilled white wine.
Enjoy :D


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I've got a variation on that recipe which starts the same but when your fish and veg are cooked down, remove most of the liquid and top up with condensed milk, and a can of sweetcorn- sounds odd but it really works.

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