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Screw lost from My I....


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Yup.... again I've returned to Bali to do more shedding..

In the first few days here, dragging my sax case (the one I adapted to fit both a sop & alto) around with the wheels I fitted off one of those suitcase trolleys. The footpaths are pretty (very) rough and when I got to my destination, I found one of the octave key mechanism screws had vibrated out of my Blessings soprano and disappeared out of the case, whereabouts not known.

It is a very small screw which fits into a round post and recessed with a reduced end, without thread to allow the key to swivel, so not any easy thing to find in this wonderful tropical paradise called Ubud.

After much trudging around, by shanks pony, no joy I even lent the remaining screw to a local german guy who was spending a week in Bangkok, and he also drew blank.

I asked a couple of sax repairmen for help back home in NZ and Danny in Earthquake City (Christchurch, NZ) suggested I make one out of wood.

I walked 50 yards to the building site next door, got a little piece of hard wood and within 55minutes I had my Blessings Soprano back on song. I had some little sanding boards for working on reeds, which was really helpful and the tools you see below.

Here are some photo's of the result...I'm chuffed!

Problem... how do I attach Photo's , do I need to make them smaller first and what's the size limits

Will post photo's as soon as I find out how to do this on my new Mac

Cheers from Bali
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Have you tried Gordon Palmer in Auckland? He could probably help you with a metal screw. I'm not sure the wooden one will last a long time.


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Thanks JTB,
I have a pretty comprehensive workshop at home in Nelson and expect to find the right thread and file down the swivel point to fit, easy when you have all the gear, difficult while in foreign lands in the rice fields of Bali.
Thanks for the reply

Ps You can see my blog with the wooden screw here

Go to blog #2

Cheers & ciao

"Together We Create Beauty"
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