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Bob M.

Bob M.

At my house
I do not see much reason not to mess around with a reed you are ready to chuck in the trash anyways, except the reality is, if there is a problem it is, more than likely the players. and if you get used to messing with reeds, I think psychologically it may make a new player et into a bad habit right off the bat psychologically. I as a new player just wouldnt of known what was what even with the best of reed that was perfect, so would always think it wasn't, incorrectly.
I've saved all my reeds, for the last decade. I have them back in the boxes with the holders. I always mark them, and the ones I use I keep 4 or so in rotation until I roll them out of circulation. I get maybe 2 reeds that don't play right out of 10. now, that is me saying won't play right for my purposes, I use specific reeds for specific styles of playing usually. some have the right buzz for one piece and clarity for another, just like I use one mouthpiece for one thing and another for another...sort of convenient having a different reed setup in it when I do too I think.
But ya, I do slightly shape my reeds sometimes. and often when I play a new one that doesn't play right and I resurface it slightly or tweak it, it'll will often be a winner winner chicken dinner reed to make it worth the effort imo.

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