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Scott Joplin - Maple Leaf Rag


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Would anyone be willing and able to record for me (and send to me) just the tune to this piece on alto sax?
I am supposed to be learning it for my exam, but although I can play all the notes in the right order, I don't believe I am playing a few of the bars in the second half correctly.
Unfortunately, all the recordings I can find (on You Tube and the likes) play the relevant bars "piano" as they are written which means I can't hear them over the backing instrument, so I am still foxed about what I should be playing. The notes are written as equal semi-quavers, but some are accented so I think they should sound different from what I am playing.
Any ideas?
Hi Mandy,

I don't have the score, sorry.
As a rule though, ragtime semiquavers should be straight, though often the fourth semi is accented to get a feel of syncopation...

Good luck,


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