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Taming The Saxophone

For Sale Schagerl Model 66 U without high F#


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I have a unlaquered Schagerl Alto for sale. It has been given to the Lead Alto player of the Budapest Bigband in 2014 (Schagerl, a music store near my hometown had given it to him, he played it for about half a year, then it was sold as used in the store).
A former student of mine bought it, and since then it has rested most of the time in it's case, because he is mainly an tenor player.
I bought it from him 3 weeks ago, just because I was curious (and it was rather cheap compared to it's actual list price of €2520,-
Schagerl Website

It comes with it's original case which seems pretty unused. The horn itself is in very good condition, the pads should be useable for some years. No dings, but it looks like an unlaquered horn which has been played :)
It's good Taiwanese stuff, compare it to a TJ Raw or stuff like that.

Here are two videos I recorded more as a proof of playability than as a sounddemo, as everybody will sound different on it :) :

With a Vandoren V16 A7s:
with my J.Gerber NY 6:

PRICE includes insured shipping inside EU.

If you questions, please ask!

Cheers, Guenne