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Schagerl Horns


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yesterday I had the chance to visit a store here in Austria who sell horns in their name.
They are manufactured in Taiwan by a renowned manufacturer (who also sells in Germany under a different name - maybe in GB too?)

I am a bit sceptic about Taiwane horns, and lately there seems to be some kind of boom of Taiwanese boutique horns going up to a very high price range.
On the other hand I'm always interested in alternatives to the "cheaper" Yamaha and Yanagisawa horns for students.
So I got me 2 Tenors and one Alto from their new range called "Superior Pro". The Tenor sells between 2300,- and 2500,- Euro (for the Vintage Bronce model), so they are not cheap and somewhat in between.

I declare there is no money or monetary benefit for me, it's mere curiosity to compare the horns to the ones I own and the cheaper or more expensive Taiwanese saxes. It's interesting, and you learn a lot about marketing :)
I started with the Vintage Bronce Tenor and played it with my Morgan Fry Vintage 8 and Morgan Fry Original 7*, both with Rigotti 3med.

Out of curiosity I took a curved Soprano with me, it's the "old" Superior line, there's a Pro model only for the straight and the ones with the curved neck.


Playing curved Soprano is so much fun! :)

So, here the Tenor:


Vs. my Reference 36:


With the Ebonite MPC:

The keys seem to be ok, there is no play, setup is fine (the crook does not sit perfectly, if you continue playing you kill the screw. Alt F opens to much, high G is unstable, but as it has an F-sharp-Key it did not matter. The horns is slightly "bulkier" than the Selmer, but compared to the "normal" Superior it is 100g lighter.

If you have questions - ask!
On- and off-topic talk welcome! :)

Cheers, Guenne

P.S.: In "Amazing Grace" it says T-1VB, it should be T-2VB.
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