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Scandinavian Folk Jazz Salad.......


1. Vacuum Pack of Beetroot. (4/6 smallish beetroot, not in vinegar)
2. 3 shallots, very finely sliced.
3. 4/6 Roll mop Herrings, drained, liquid saved
4. Bunch/Packet of Watercress.
5. Clove of Garlic, crushed.
6. Olive oil.
7. Freshly Ground Black Pepper/Maldon Salt.

Put Beetroot into pan of water, bring to boil, drain.

While still warm cut into thumb sized chunks, mix with 2/3 tablespoons of
olive oil, shallot & garlic in large glass bowl - set aside.

Cut herring into chunks, and add, mixing well.
Add some of the drained liquid to make a vinaigrette, and season to taste.
Finally add watercress at last moment, and serve.
Ideal with crusty bread.

It's what Jan Garbarek has for breakfast throughout the winter.......;}

Kind regards


Formerly known as "nachoman"
brighton by the sea
I've just really discovered scandinavian food- the best bar brighton at current is run by a couple Finns, who've taken over the food. That slightly peppery,very clean tasting style's real grower- plus meatballs, white sauce and lingenberry jam is a classic... yum. get the feeling your salad is one of those dishes that'd make ya feel really healthy when you eat it

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