Saxophones Scam

Alexandria, Scotland
Hope this is the right area to be seen, Just a point to make others aware I have seen and reported this twice to ebay. A selmer tenor mkv1 advertised twice in Scotland in different towns different sides of the country and once in north of England It's shown with a hiscox type case same picture everytime but different seller always has it at a bargain price still on auction though, yesterday it had 21 bids I reported it to ebay again and It was removed Buyer Beware he will not send more pictures he will not correspond, don't know how it works but once he's got your cash your not going to get it back. :(


One day i will...
Liverpool ( Pool of Life )
Good to let us know, but it won't affect me as i can't afford one :(
I had a MKVI in a Hiscox case nicked from the tour van in the Gorbbles in Glasgow about 17 years back,hope its not mine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good side was the band was owned by 3 guys and 1 had not locked it,they paid me 3 grand back,i soon left after getting paid >:)


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