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Scales, Major to Minor


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Hi Folks

you may remember a little while ago that I posted a thread regarding Natural minor scales? Well, I have put together a pdf on the change from Major to Minor (sounds like a cue for a song!)

Check out my site for the article and a link to the pdf. any feedback would be gratefully received and please feel free to pass it on to anyone that may find it useful


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Hi Dave,

Info is good and thanks for that, but the link on your webpage goes nowhere or maybe its me?

No its not you, its a copy and paste job as my technological know how isnt sure on how to make it ping straight to the site. Any tips on how to do this would be very useful as I have some more stuff to put up.

Did it make sense?

Yes dave I knew it wasn't a live link so did a copy and paste, but all that brings up is a page in Google docs asking you what file you want to upload.

Bit confused here...

Dave you can put a direct link in a post from this site

Well Spotted

Hi GySaxMan

I managed to put the wrong link in. I have edited the original post to give the correct link now and it should work now

Thanks for spotting that


:confused:Hi dave the link is taking me to google docs homepage:confused::confused:


Hi Chris

I have amended the link in the first post and just checked it. It is going straight to the document now, let me know if you are still having trouble with it.


Hi Dave the link takes me to google docs log in page..

I read it first time with what I think was the original link - but now log-in page.......
I just get the log in page too.
As for cue for a song
"...but how strange the change
from Major to minor,
Every time we say goodbye"
The beautiful version by Sarah Vaughan and Billy Eckstine; makes me shiver just thinking about it.
Hi Dave,

If you click on the link yourself it will take you to the document because you are the owner, for everyone else it will bring up the Google login screen (as it does for me).

You need to make sure you have published the Doc to the web so anyone can view it. There is a Share button in the top right of the Document, click on the arrow on this button (a little menu appears) and select Publish to the Web, it will then give you the public link that can be shared.
Now I think I understand

Try this

Thanks Jason

It works, thanks.
Something wrong with the formatting, though, some lines aren't spacing properly and overlap.
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Dave, looks really good now.

1- runs onto 3 pages, but would still look good on two.
2- only accessible to people with google accounts...
Hi Dave, no problem with the help.

The new link works for me ok even signed out of my Google accounts so it should also work for everyone else without a Google account. Not sure why you think you do need one Kev?

To resolve the 3 page problem, all you need to do is make the margins slightly smaller in your Doc and then follow my instructions again to make it a PDF. Also, why is there an ' I ' just under the C major scale picture?
Ok guys I will tidy it up as soon as I can.

now start practising your scales!


The new link works for me ok even signed out of my Google accounts so it should also work for everyone else without a Google account. Not sure why you think you do need one Kev?

It prompted me, so I guess it was google recognising that I have an account from a cookie. Didn't have time to try without.

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