SaxVlog#14 Chord workout: root and inversions

Hi, I want to share these "chord spelling" arpeggio exercises.
I find them very useful, especially when I want to learn a new tune.
I have used "all the thing you are" as a platform for this study.
I have played every chord both in root position and in all inversions.
Hope you like it, subscribe to my channel to be updated, a new video every monday.
Bye, Fabrizio

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjFRe3wTjb0


Many thanks Fabrizio,
How simple yet what a revelation. Great warm-up as well as brilliant aid to improvisation.
Thank you flamingoer.
This exercise build a "chord map" in your mind while improvising.
Playing all the chords and the inversions is useful to

1 Your chord knowledge: you have a very few time to think about them so you must know them really well, it is easier to say than to do it, at least for me.
2 playing them over the changes starting from different notes (in the inversions) serves ad a tool to stamp in my mind (and in my ears of course) how the 3rds sound, how the 5ths sound and how the 7th.
So when I want to play a different phrase I can prehear that note over that chord and I can start there beacause I know how it will sound.
3 Of course you can apply this to voice leading.
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