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Mouthpieces Saxscape's Naima Mouthpiece (Reviewed)

Thanks for the review Ben.

I have had a few saxscape pieces and liked them all.
Currently I sing the praises of the FATCAT model which I bought as a prototype from Kens ebay shop.
My mouthpieces GAS (which has been fun but come without recommendation from me) just got better with the Fatcat giving me everything and more than 30 + pieces I have used along the way. The list would name most of the top brands across various era's except I can think of one brand I haven't ever got my mits on which is Freddie Gregory and there are a few newer brands too.
Anyway back on track it's superb and have since had the fortune to try a Namia which was similar and I didn't want to give back.
I have a SL (Slant) and my observations were similar to yours as well. Resembles a Florida "USA" link that I have in many ways despite the namesake. Baffle height and length were almost identical but with straight sidewalls further into the chamber than the link. Perhaps a little darker than the link but also less rich in harmonics. Capable of tremendous volume for sure. Not wild about the material but Ken makes great pieces.
Not the best pic but you can see the flat, elongated baffle. Straight sidewalls as I said. Certainly nothing like a Slant link.


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I actually tried his Naima in a scooped sidewall and in the normal straight sidewall version, and the straight sidewall version was much more colorful and overall better. I don't remember if the SL I played had straight sidewalls or not. I certainly don't remember an elongated baffle on it... Anyways, hes definitely not going for exact recreations.

Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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