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Hi all

For sale is a Saxscape Downtown tenor mouthpiece in Delrin - opening is 108, so that perfect sweet spot between 7* and 8...

I got this as part of a pair with another saxscape piece, the SL (slant style copy). I'm keeping the SL as it's something different to what I've already got, but I'm going to move the Downtown on as it's similar to some pieces I've already got (Guardala Studio, 10MFan Boss - much cheaper/better value than these two though!). It's got a healthy step baffle and can get pretty loud if you put some air through it - it's a very punchy piece.

The piece is made of delrin and is the same size and shape as a normal ebonite piece - I've used it with a standard rovner style ligature. I believe it's a prototype version as the model names on the saxscape website are a bit different now - either way, it plays very well and doesn't have any blemishes. The new price for a saxscape mouthpiece is $275 - I'm asking just £65 including postage with 5% going to the cafe. If you fancy adding a baffled piece to your collection but don't want to drop £400+ on a guardala, here's your solution.

some photos are here -- Saxscape Downtown Tenor - Box
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