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Hi Folks!

I am selling a superb condition Saxscape Alto mouthpiece, gradually reducing my mouthpiece collection. Having originally acquired a Jumbo Java mouthpiece I went on further exploration in terms of finding a bright, full bodied alternative but with a "calmer" sound. Of those I tried I liked the Phil-Tone Meridian and the Saxscape Downtown, both of which had quite a degree of brightness but had a more rounded and fuller sound.

The Downtown (tip 0.080") is now for sale at £100 inc. UK shipping and 5% to Pete's fund. (From the USA it costs £150 excluding shipping and import taxes).

The Downtown had some custom work done on it by Ken Barry (the owner of Saxscape) so that the sound was slightly less bright and more full bodied. PM me with any personal queries.

Kind regards
Hi Tom
i know you are impressed by the Phil-Tone Solstice mpc, and so are many others.
So because of my own experience with Tenor Phil-tones,i can understand why. His craftsmanship and those seeking a similar sound to Desmond.
i cant find the Meridian model on Phil`s website? is it an older model that has become one of the models currently on his website?
and if so, which one is it?
Hi There!

Phil's website is not up to date - he acknowledges this but is more of a craftsman than an administrator. If you check on Sax On The Web you will see details of the following mouthpieces:

Meridian - alto version of the Equinox.
Isotope - tenor mouthpiece, brighter version of the Equinox - larger baffle.
Solar Eclipse - tenor mouthpiece, baffled version of the Eclipse.
Sapphire - tenor mouthpiece based around early Babbitt - Link like.
Tribute - metal tenor mouthpiece designed collaboratively with Theo Wanne - Link like.

He threatens to update his site but it may be a while yet. If you just enter "Phil-Tone" via Search you will usually find what is happening. The Downtown piece is not unlike Phil's Rift alto mouthpiece.

The Meridian is the latest of all the Alto pieces, succeeding in being a bright enough full bodied piece without any harshness or shrillness or thinness - superb!
Cheers Tom
Very thorough as usual
would love to try a couple of them. i see there is a repairer near your part of the the world who is the only Uk supplier that I know of.
Richard Hamer is about 5 1/2 miles away and looks after my saxes - top man. He does stock Phil-Tone mouthpieces, as well as pieces by Mouthpiece Cafe and Aaron Drake. He is the only UK supplier of the first two, though Howarth do supply Drake mouthpieces, albeit more expensively.

Kind regards
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