Saxophone vibration hurting teeth


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So I encountered a bit of an issue in the past regarding the way playing the saxophone can effect the teeth. When I played more seriously last for a several month period, I would play an hour or two a day. Toward the end of that period my teeth began to hurt when I played. Sometimes it was the vibration involved in playing, and towards the end of that bit of time, pushing and releasing the keys for low C's, B's, and Bb's would shake my YAS-62 a slight bit that would really mess with me. The issue isn't in the realm of dental hygiene, though I have taken up anti-sensitivity toothpaste in an attempt to try to combat the problem this time around. Another solution that I tried back then was placing my upper lip a bit over my teeth to absorb some of the shock, but that felt a bit unnatural and like bad technique. If anyone has any experience with this issue, I'd love to hear about how you've solved it.
Do you use a patch on your mouthpiece? I found that a great help in reducing the vibration through my teeth.
The small gum shield that comes with teeth whitening kits can be useful, or use the double lip embouchure.

Thanks Amanda! I have a patch, and it does help some, but there is still a problem. Do you know if there are different patch thicknesses so to speak? Maybe mine is just to thin.
Thanks Chris! I have experimented with double lip embouchure, but I've had instructors advise against it in the past. I suppose since I'm playing more on my own now, it could be more acceptable for me to pick up again. Thanks for the good advice :)
They come in a range of thicknesses up to 1mm. You can of course layer them up. I would supply a link but it wouldn't be any good where you are. Put mouthpiece patch into google. They have them on amazon and ebay and most musical instrument web sites.
Double lip works for me, always has done. The trads are obsessed with teeth on mouthpiece. Maybe it's because it makes the sax more stable until the embouchure develops, not sure. Do what you need to... And if someone objects, mention Coltrane. But don't curl your top lip under your teeth. Recipe for biting.

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