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Beginner Saxophone sound coming out a bit raspy?


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Tyhe last few times i have played The sound is coming out abit Raspy/spitty Whats the main cause of this, reed or to much moisture getting into the neck? or any other reasons? Cheers

Fraser Jarvis

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Yes water developing within your mouthpiece and neck, the reason, you haven't developed your facial muscles sufficiently yet, your mouth is becoming tired...this then makes you produce excess spit, in turn giving you that unwanted spitty sound. A quick fix is to spray pledge in the mouthpiece and neck, but as Ian pointed out earlier this ain't really the way to go.

Colin the Bear

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Burnley bb9 9dn
The sizzling bacon effect.

Try adjusting the position you play. If the sax is steeply down hill then gravity will do the rest. It's usualy liquid on the reed itself. If you hold it up more, and stop posing (or start lol), your tone will improve and gravity will be on your side.

I tend to lean forward when reading. There must be some subliminal thing going on, that tells me that the closer I get, the more sense it will make.


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This might be a stupid comment from a complete newbie, but why not stop playing for a few mins, dry the neck and mouth piece and put on a fresh reed?
Often happens in the middle of playing something. Especially when it's not convenient to swap. Affects some people more than others.

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