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I did but recently stopped it

Not my cup o' tea and expensive. Have a look online as I think you can download a copy or at least read the articles.

I didn't renew my subscription.


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I like the fact it's non-genre specifc- you get in-depth articles on classical, jazz and rock (plus a couple of good 'uns on Klezmer of recent).if you're generally interested in the bigger picture of all things sax realted its certainly worth picking a copy or two up...


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I quite like it but would't buy it. I have it passed on my a friend and then I pass it on - good old recycling eh?


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Occasionally comes up with a gem..

I don't buy it often enough to capitalise on many of them all though due to the cost of it.
Quite often has a useful CD attached.


A digital version available on Amazon for $42.50 if I remember correctly ... is without CD of course.

Personally I'd rather have the proper magazine (available from Don't know the price though.

I've got a collection of old ones which I was thinking about hoisting on to the Devil's Junkyard, but have started reading instead :( - I'm not really a sax player so couldn't vouch for how good the technical stuff is in that respect, but I'm enjoying and finding them educational in many respects.


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I subscribed from about 1997 to 2006 and also bought lots of the back issues, going back to 1985. There are some good articles and interviews that I like looking back on. But overall I became disappointed with it and found the newer issues were a bit predictable and samey.

For my taste my major criticisms were:
  • Not enough sax technical information (history, instrument and accessory reviews) in later issues
  • Formulaic and sometimes not very well written interviews
  • All the recordings reviewed were always described in glowing terms, but it was hard to work out what they would be like
  • A bit US-centric (although this is understandable)

Certainly a good magazine to get once in a while and some of the CDs that came with later issues were worth having.



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I've been reading the Saxophone Journal magazine since -87. I agree, the magazine was better for lets say ten years ago. Paul Cohen, Vintage Saxophone Revisted, was the main reason I started to read the magazine. He did a great job and I think he covered most subjects when it comes to old saxes, manufactoring ... . We must keep in mind that most of the contributors in the magazine are musicians, not journalists. I think it's hard to run a magazine like this nowadays.

Beside the SJ I also read the German magazine Sonic and the American (LA based) Windplayer. They cover all windinstruments from small flutes to tubes. I prefer Saxophone Journal to the other two magazines.

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