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Accessories Saxholder Mk 2

My Saxholder arrived this morning,and I have to say my first impressions are very favorable
I haven't tried the original product,but I have read all the comments and criticism
And it looks like Saxlab have listened and made improvements.
The shoulder "hooks" have been lengthened and shaped so that they almost meet behind the neck,so everything feels safe and secure.
The rubber padding has been enlarged and all in all it feels very comfortable .
I was immediately struck by the fact that my right thumb was not taking any of the weight of my tenor, merely balancing and leveling the horn.
It was also evident that to play wearing this device you have to relax and lower your shoulders so much better for posture than conventional slings
The stomach support, is actually very easy to get used too.
So ,so far so good, I am going to try it out on a gig tomorrow night and will report back to let you know how it went.

Pete Thomas

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This is exactly what I find, Silvin doesn't stand still,he listens and improves. It's a great product.
As promised, here is a brief bit of feedback,following my first gig using my Saxholder.
Its great when something lives up to its claims, and this does!
I have always used conventional slings, I had become resigned to the neck problems that they can cause especially if you are spending a lot of time standing and playing as I do.
So having played a set last night which lasted an hour followed by a set that lasted one and a half hours,it was amazed to find I had no fatigue, muscle pain or stiffness in my neck or shoulders.
I could have done another set without any physical discomfort.
It felt like my tenor was floating in front of me!
And changing from tenor to alto sax was really easy too,
Also there was no feeling of pressure on my right thumb another bonus.
I will be recommending the Saxholder to all my friends and students, I love it!!

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