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Saxophones Saxes for beginners or comback players?


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A friend (musican) passed away for two years ago and I relized that collectors can cause other people lots of work/problem. " What is this? And what shall we do with it?" the family asked. After that I have started to get rid of saxes and accessories. Next in turn are two tenors. An "ultra cheap" gfourm (Yani copy) and a 1963 Dörfler & Jörka . Both are ok. I think gfourm is better for a beginner; good ergomoincs and a modern voice. Easier to move to another modern sax from a gfourm. The Dörfler & Jörka is a good sax as well. Body and bell are Keilwerth made och or copies. Neck and keys were made by Dörfler und Jörka. Maybe a sax for a comback player? The tone on these saxes are a little bit more old school. To donate to gform to a foreign music project in Africa is maybe not a good idea? Too fragile!?!?! The D&J is better beacause it's a more sturdy construction? I'm not going to sell. Maybe trade. Any thoughts?
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