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sax - trumpet trading - Fabrizio D'alisera 5tet live

Hi, this is an extract from my tune "indach song" sax - trumpet trading solos and final theme, the beginning of the tune was lost ...
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Wade Cornell

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It's wonderful to hear a player who is so accomplished and plays so effortlessly. I certainly enjoyed the final theme and thought this has potential in having a distinct vibe that worked musically. I have to say though that most of the time it sounded like you and the trumpeter were playing over each other without much regard for the sound you were making together (what the audience hears). Likewise the solos were very mainstream in communicating nothing other than your individual technical abilities. They added nothing to the tune or embellished its feeling. The focus seemed to be be on yourselves with the audience as voyeurs.

The response from the audience was polite, but hardly enthusiastic.

There are some serious questions that could be asked about how you are using your incredible talent. The age of audiences hanging off each note from a mainstream player is long dead. Audiences wish to have something given to them, not taken in terms of admiration for their technical abilities.

It would be wonderful to hear you using all that talent in a way that gives a musical experience to audiences rather than as individual technicians each trying to out-impress each other in front of an audience that doesn't seem to care.

These comments are made with great admiration for your abilities and with affection in wishing the best for you as a professional musician.
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