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I've just had the pleasure of meeting a young tech in the Coventry area. Alex Preston is his name and repairing all things woodwind is his game (I'm trying to persuade him to join us on here, the more the merrier!) As some of you may remember I broke my low B spring about 2 weeks ago. Luckily, my local postman helped me to effect a temporary repair, care of one of his discarded elastic bands. I found Alex's number on the interweb and he booked me in for a fix. Well as per usual, things did not go to plan. The spring had broken very short and was stubornly refusing to budge. After a few minutes tapping and then banging, Alex suggested that I leave the horn with him and he would call when it was ready. So there I was on my way home....when my phone rang!!! "All done" said Alex. (I'd just reached my front door) So I turned the car around and went back. I was met at the door by Alex, with my beloved in his hands. "I found that the G key was very sticky, so I sorted it. Doesn't she play well?" I handed over £15 for the pleasure and received a receipt with a note saying what he'd done and the condition of the sax (both playability and general condition) and a note saying that she'd need a service in about 12 months.
All in all, I received superb service from a very pleasant chap. :welldone
Thanks Alex, I hope you go from strength to strength!
If you wish to use Alex's services he can be found here
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