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Sax tech recommendations? (also a Haynes manual plug).


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Manchester, UK
Don't need one yet, but in the Boy Scout (not that I ever was one) spirit of "be prepared", does anyone have any recommendations for sax techs in the Manchester area?

If I've missed a thread where this has been dealt with, please forgive me and point me in the right direction

While I'm here, I'll add my name to the list of Haynes manual enthusiasts. Have just oiled my sax's action, using some gear oil, a milk bottle top and a sewing needle. The oil seemed to find its way into the right places, and my fingers aren't turning balck when I play it. Would not have dared do this (and would have made a mess if I had) without Stephen's book. If I lived nearer to Sussex i wouldn't be asking the question above.

(Did I say Sussex? I meant Hampshire. From this distance it's hard to tell them apart. (Martin, 12/10/10).


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