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Hi all, i'm off to New York next month to visit my daughter. Whilst there i am after a couple of Meyer mouthpieces, can anyone recommend any sax/woodwind stores.
many thanks


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Around Times Square (45th to 47th st) there were few of them. Now Sam Ash moved from the original location.

Beware of Roberto's winds; you easily end up spending a lot (amazing choice of mouthpieces) but I had some unresolved annoying issues with his customer service, once he sold me an expensive pad set with missing pads.

There was an incredible shop on a first floor nearby. It might be Baltimore. Some members here reported the shop is still in business. Long ago I bought there the best playing Berg Larsen tenor piece I ever came across.

Another option is to have things shipped at your daughter's address and returned after you try them. Weiner music is known for being cheap and reliable.

One more advice: set a budget and stick with it. Otherwise you will come back with a 10m Conn Tenor, a 6M Conn alto, a 12M Conn bari, a dozen mouthpieces, a superneckstrap that costed you $260, 2 ipads, a pair of socks for a present to someone, CDs, DVDs (wrong zone code), debts.

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