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I'm hoping for some suggestions/feedback on nice charts for a saxophone quartet - instrumentation AATB (with an extra alto).

I guess since I'm the old lady in the college band - the kids decided I should be in charge? I must be crazy. The performance is part of the holiday concert on December 10 - so I need to get cracking!

I have looked online at several sites, and I know the rest of the sax section I'm working with would prefer contemporary or jazz arrangements. The new kid on bari can play anything you put in front of him - the altos unfortunately are struggling a bit.

Many, many thanks for any suggestions you may have. :welldone
I have used these guys: for a number of charts...

they are very economical, totally on the ball with instant comms etc. all can be viewed/heard on line...

Some have free Mp3 practice tracks (ie: Alto 1 track has everything else etc)

good luck
Thanks Geoff ~ for the suggestions and all your generous help.

It looks like we've lost an alto, he hasn't been to rehearsal in 3 weeks. It's officially a AATB quartet now. Most of the charts I've looked at seem to feature the 1st alto or soprano as the main melody or solo portion, so I think we may be switching things around a bit.

with appreciation~

Check out the Tiger Rag, arr. Bill Holcombe. Musicians Publications.

Ragtime Suite, arr. Arthur Frackenpohl. Shawnee Press Inc. This one consists of three rags, Pan-Am-Rag. Something Doing, and The Cascades. Something Doing is marked "not fast" and you could count it in four to make it easier for your altos.

Have fun.


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