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Sax player with the 80s band black

Martin had played with a few Liverpool bands, including China Crisis in the mid 80's before he joined Black and they had success with Wonderful Life, Sweetest Smile and a couple of albums in the late 80's. He played guitar, bass, flute and saxophones. He left Liverpool to set up in London as a session player in the early 90's, but I haven't seen him since then. He's played saxophone on Patricia Kaas albums as well.
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He Played with the Late Gordon Haskell (27 April 1946- 15 October 2020) who most famous song is ' How Wonderful You are' Christmas no 2 2001 BBC radio 2 most requested song .
Though he did not play on that song, he played on his Song 'Someone I knew' Originally from his album 'Butterfly in China' 1996 it also includes Go Tell Sarah which he played on .
'Someone I Knew' was Included on Gordon Haskell Gold Album Harry's Bar in 2002 about 20 seconds shorter in track length

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