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Sax lessons

alto andy

Southend on sea
I have a lesson every outher week with a great teacher who is very reasonable but I could not afford one a week so I started thinking I have a friend who I go to his house from time to time and have a little play so I approached him on the subject of extra lessons with him . So a week or two went by and I had a cool from my friend asking me to have a chat about extra lessons . He has never given a lesson before but has been playing a long time so what he said was he did not know what to charge so I said to him how about we help each outher out . So anyway this is how it is working I am a arborist / horticulturist by trade so I will look after his trees and shrubs and everything in his garden and I will get some extra sax lessons :). So now I get one lesson a week from my friend with the gaden and one every outher week with my paid teacher . :)


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Do you do your gardening in West Essex too? A crossed deal could start. You might end up with plenty of sax lessons.

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