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hey there, my name is jack, i would like to take up the alto sax and would like some advice on a good model to buy that isnt too pricey but still good enough to get a good sound out of it, thanks for your time
hey there, my name is jack, i would like to take up the alto sax and would like some advice on a good model to buy that isnt too pricey but still good enough to get a good sound out of it, thanks for your time

Welcome Jack.

You'll certainly get some good advice on here. Could you give us a maximum price to work with, it will make a big difference in what recommendations you receive.

Also which part of the country do you live in as there are some great sax shops dotted around and of course you should always try before you buy if you can.
Welcome Jack

if you have not tried/played the sax before you may want to hire a saxophone for maybe 3 months to see if you like it that way if you dont you can just hand it back.

relatively cheap too - hiring for 3 months will be around £50

If you are set on purchasing one then I would suggest dependent on your budget buying the best you can afford considering the following factors:

new versus secondhand - new ones from reputable shops with waranty - secondhand ones could need work.

Resale value - some models hold value others dont.

playability - some makes do not have great ergonomics and take a bit getting used to - mainly on older saxes.

accessories - with a new sax you should get a sling and mouthpiece.

a secondhand one may not have these so if you go the second hand route then take this into consideration.

If something catches your eye the post a link to it on here and youu'll get plenty of advice.

Good luck in you quest!


The guy above got me started. I bought a brand new Yamaha 275 form him, he gives a free first lesson also. After about 6 months (and outside the agreement period) he took it back and I lost next to nothing, as I had bought another elsewhere (upgrade).

I debated long and hard but I am glad I went for a tenor......

I live in Bath, which is near bristol, my maximum price would be about £330.00. Any one know if the gear4music sax for £199.00 is any good? thanks again
Hi there!

For the money its hard to beat the BW mentioned above - it seems to be more akin to an Intermediate level horn, and would seem to be your best bet under £500. If I was starting on Alto again I would go for one quite happily.

Hanson is another make worth looking into, and there should also be a lot of hardly used ones out there from people who haven't stuck with it. (See Preloved, for instance).

Greetings from along the M4 in Swansea BTW!
Hello everyone! My name is Gabriel and I am in love with the saxo.. Just wondering if this one will do it job for the beginning. Plese see the link.
Thank you.. I'll wait for replyes.!
If you stretch your budget a little more you could get a Jericho alto (including a discount via this forum) which has a very good reputation from members of this forum. Search on "Jericho alto sax" in the search box above for more info.
What you're looking at is a very cheap, unknown, probably of chinese origin. It may play well, it may not. If it doesn't you're going to be fighting it, probably thinking it's you.

Only buy something like this if you can get an experienced player to test it and be sure you can return it if there's a problem. Otherwise the best route is to spend more and go to a reputable sax shop. Or buy used/privately from someone trustworthy.
Hi Gabriel, the ebay advert you have linked show a tenor sax and advertises it as a tenor. I would get yourself the best sax you can afford. New and cheap is often worse than second hand and playing in tune/robust.
what is your budget? You can get hire/buy agreement where you rent a decent instrument and if you decide to buy it you can take off the previous payments or if you decide its not for you then you can hand it back.

Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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