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Northants, UK
Hi all, Does anyone know of anywhere I could get some engraving done on my bari? It has a vast area of plain shiny metal that I would love some kind of art deco/geometric pattern on. It looks like I'll be keeping it for a while yet so its probably worth the investment, for me anyway. (I figured its a great way to spend some redundency money if it comes to that.)

Google doesn't really show up any helpfull links hence the question. Also what are the implications of engraving through laquer?

Have you tried looking for jewellers or gunsmiths? Or craft fairs, there are some talented people out there.

I believe some saxes are engraved through the lacquer, so it's not generally a problem, but it must make it susceptible to the laquer lifting or chipping off at some point.

Hi all, Does anyone know of anywhere I could get some engraving done on my bari?

Did you find anyone ? Did you have your bari engraved ?

A about year ago I tracked down this bloke who probably wouldn't cheap but he does seem highly experienced. In the end I decided to leave the sax as it is.


Hand engravers have their own forum if anyone wants to find an engraver nearer to where they live:


That's interesting, he looks good.

A while back I found a very good gun engraving lady ( http://www.gunengraving.co.uk/ )who said that she couldn't do a largish saxophone as it needed specialist equipment to hold something as big as that. The item must be gripped very firmly and most gun engravers only have small vices.

She was very helpful though and asked around on the forums etc, but didn't come up with anything.

This guy might be good for saxes
That's interesting, he looks good.

his guy might be good for saxes

Although I decided not to go ahead it wasn't because of doubts about this bloke's abilities. I described what the job would involve and he seem quite confident he could achieve a satisfactory result. I think he said he was president of the hand engravers guild. I'm ashamed to say I'm a sucker for beautifully engraved saxophones.
The only dedicated instument engravers i've come across are Jason Dumars and Sherry Huntley over in the states, both top notch engravers with a very different style, i think Jason has some vids on youtube.

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