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im assuming others have seen this already: Sussex store was broken into. Lots of altos stolen or thrown on the floor.

Text from their Facebook page:

"An angle grinder has been taken to the side of our Sussex store and all of our professional level Altos have been stolen.

The thieves grabbed saxophones by the armful and threw them out of the hole onto the floor. There's no doubt the instruments stolen will be damaged.

Altogether 44 instruments were stolen, 11 were left lying in a heap on the ground.

Please can everyone at home in the UK and internationally keep an eye out for anything that looks suspicious, we are absolutely determined to make sure the people behind this get put behind bars for a long time.

A massive thank you to everyone for your continued support, we really appreciate it.

The serial numbers of all the saxophones are:


AWO1 - 359899
AWO10U - 354715
AWO10S - 358681
AWO2 - 356119
AWO20 - 360163
AWO20U - 360163
AWO30 - 352252
AWO32 - 352252
AWO10 - 358685
TWO2U - 00360420


YAS280 - M54414
YAS280S - M39167
YAS480 - M36318
YAS480S - M38990
YAS62 - E47553
YAS82Z - E36876
YAS82ZS - E42118
YAS82ZUL - E48399
YAS82ZB - E52498
YAS875EX - E45229
YTS62S Tenor - E41609

Conn Selmer

La Vie 250 Alto - 60316941
DAS180 - 60216813
DAS180S - 40413648
PAS380 - 51216480
PAS380V - 51216459
Liberty Alto - Silver Plate - 40213279

Selmer Paris

Seles Axos - 04623
SA80 AG - Silver Plate - Alto - 790628
SA80 NG - Black - Alto - 790356
SA80 GG - Gold - Alto - 790193
SA80 BGG - Matt - Alto - 790365
Series III - GG- Gold - Alto - 789811
Series III - NG - Black - Alto - 768729
Reference 54 Vintage Alto - 787258
Reference 54 Gold Alto - 789584


Greg Osby System 76 Alto - 078
Master 97 Alto - 125915
PMSA 86UL Alto - 1017814
PMXA 67RCL - 609015
PMXA67RXUL - 1216614

Signature Custom

Raw Alto - 8466
Raw Alto - 8476
Raw XS Alto - 8511 "


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:old: I reckon a big security inspection and update is needed at all their premises.

:w00t: My advice would be to Install hungry Crocodiles in their shops ...

:thumb: That will get the buggers ...

Veggie Dave

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This is sadly the second burglary. Unfortunately, once you've been burgled the chances of it happening again within about two months (IIRC) increases by over 25%.


I see it's also been posted at SOTW - hopefully the perpetrators will be caught and locked in a cell forced to listen to Kenny G for 72 hours while being cavity searched for the missing sopranos.


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Scumbags, such a lack of respect to someone's premises & their beautiful instruments, hope they get caught and all instruments are returned but sadly in this day & age that is highly unlikely.. :mad:

Stephen Howard

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Shocking news.

And yeah, it's obviously time for a full security review.
I would have thought commercial systems would be very sophisticated these days, given that you can get sensors for detecting almost anything. An angle grinder busting through the side of a wall would have made a hell of a lot of noise, and for quite a long time.

I can't imagine where they'll sell the horns - they're not exactly generic items. If you leave the serial numbers intact they're almost certain to turn up on the radar at some point - and if you grind them off it just advertises the probability that they're stolen.
And not having a case is a dead giveaway.


Dave's right - the in the mid 90s burglary was common just about everywhere, as was alcohol fueled street violence. In general society is a better place now than it was back then, even though I have good memories of the early-mid 90s. Of course this isn't to dismiss the widening inequality and dysfunctional housing market, but we mustn't fall into the trap of thinking everything is going to hell.

Veggie Dave

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Hutton, Essex
I've got the boiling oil ready for the culprits of those break-ins.
Now we're really going off topic ;) but when I was in Carcassonne (technically the Cité de Carcassone - the old cité is superb but the food makes cheap Brit stuff look like quality. Eat elsewhere!) and Forteresse de Salses (which is an amazing place) the other year I discovered that the idea of pouring boiling oil over your enemies is more a creation of literature and film than reality as oil was far, far too expensive and too rare to be throwing it at people you didn't like ... unless it was all you had left, anyway.
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You want to know how such a break-in treats the instruments?

There have been numerous sax / music stores victim to a break-in in Germany. In the last week 3 stores, and numerous others in the last 2 years. The latest case is Armin Weis, Marburg, just a few days ago. Here is a report, albeit in German, that includes video footage of the actual break-in. Armin mentions that he noticed a few days earlier a customer that was suspiciously interested in where the cameras are installed and where the high end saxes are displayed. That guy is on tape (not in the link), but who knows if they ever will catch him and his team? What are you going to do in such a situation, when your store is secured by an alarm system and video cameras? Sleep in front of your store entrance? The store is in a part of the city were people live and not in an anonymous industrial area. The neighbours heard the break in and saw a black car waiting outside the store.

Video: Saxophone geklaut | | Sendungen

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