Sax,Cello and Drums Trio..


Hi All, I thought I would share this as I have spent the time uploading to Soundcloud...
It is one of my Trio's consisting of Cello, Drums and Sax and was recorded live at a club here in Warsaw, March 2011.
The music is a culmination of my attempt to integrate composition and improvisation with motifs and melodies but the band has the freedom to react how the mood takes us at the time.....
For a long time now I have had a reputation as a full on power player al'a Brotzmann, as my default Live Improvised Playing Style, so recently I have been attempting to concentrate on tone and precision...and break out of that mould.
See what you think...


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Very good. I like your tone. The tenorsax and cello are blending very well. The bassplayer I use to play with are playing the cello like an upstraight bass. Tenorsax, cello, drums + piano. We were inspired after hearing the Swedish bassplayer Georg Ridel playing cello. But we are into bluesinfluenced music. We are playing at a lower lewel compared to your music!



Thanks Thomas.
I have played with the Cellist a number of times as a duo, and with the drummer in other projects, so we already have strong connections..The Cello is one of my favourite instruments....
I have been inspired by "some" recent ECM projects and the perennial Ornette Coleman who has been in my listening ear for as long as I have been playing sax...His ability to "Suspend Time" when you experience his music live and put the listener into a different mindset I find truly inspiring...Good luck with your projects and thanks for listening.:)
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Still trying to find a clear 10 minutes to give this track a really serious listen while free of kids, work etc. Gave it a background peruse yesterday and concluded that that really wasn't the way I should be listening to a piece like this and it needed a bit more focus on my part.
Lovely use of space (it takes a disciplined sax player to leave that amount of space in a piece!)..... definately going to fire this one up as soon as I get a bit of quiet time (probably about 2012 at this rate).


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I nede to listen to this as well. Concepts interesting as I took up sax to make music with the family - and we have... cello, sax, drums, clarinet, flute, guitar and piano. Interesting mix on your side that I never thought would work. Seems I'm rather wrong.
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