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Looking forward to Saturday evening, we're headlining a small local beer festival and, as well as the usual guitar based shenanigans, we'll be treating the world to our version of the foo fighter's version of Baker Street.

This is the song that, on finding out that I was learning sax, our singer came and said we had to play or he was going to throw a strop of epic proportions. His enthusiasm for it wasn't diminished even when I pointed out that the foo's version doesn't actually have any sax in it. Bless.

So, we play the foo's version, but with sax. Which sorta makes it the original version, but a bit rockier. I think. ;}
Have fun and don't forget to enjoy the beer:)

Cool gig, got really good feedback and two more festival offers. Over the three days they raised over £4000 for the MS society :thumb:

For anyone interested, pics here:

Tilfest '13

In a two hour set, we played two sax songs, Baker Street and One Step Beyond. Couldn't hear the sax in the monitors, so I was playing by feel for most of it, but it went okay. For the brave among you:
What !! No hat and no shades !!!! tut tut

Well done on the gig and raising £4k :welldone

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