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Satellite TY - Sky HD box or FreeSat HD box?

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I sacked sky some while ago and just kept the sky+ box for which I pay £10 per month for sky+, I got fed up with them shaving stuff off my existing package (then£32 per month) and trying to convince me to upgrade at a higher cost. Strangely, I dropped £22 per month in cost but saw no change at all to my channel mix despite in effect ending my previous package.

Anyway, the 3+ year old digibox is playing up a bit and I am considering upgrading it so it makes sense to go HD though I'll not be subscribing to HD channels, just getting BBC1, ITV1 and Channel 4.

So my question, stick with Sky or go for FreeSat. My favoured boxes are the new Amstrad DRX895 Sky+HD digibox (£300 and continue to pay £10 per month to satan) or go for the Humax FOXSAT-HDR 500GB freesat Digital TV Recorder (same cost).

Any thoughts on Sky+HD vs Freesat HD/Recording or the two boxes in question?
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