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"Sandy Updates"


I have relatives in North Carolina and New York, haven't heard from them and we are kinda worried back home.

What's the update from Sandy? Live coverage isn't so fast in CNN or BBC Websites either.


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I think things are getting slightly worse, the population have received a few public service broadcasts warning them to listen to the radio and act on instruction given to them by the authorities. It is a very worrying time for them and my thoughts are with them. Don't get too worried though as communication is always a weak point during storms especially where high winds are concerned.

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I've been watching CNN (European / international version). Looks like major populaton centres along eastern seaboard are shutting up shop. Public transport networks closed down, bridges and tunnels closed, some road networks closed.

They've already got some power outages and this will almost certainly get worse.

As noted, communications usually struggle in major storm and wind events.

The main concern seems to be the storm surge (this is the extra height of water above the water level caused by the wind pushing the water onto the shore). The moon is full, so that means spring tides - so you have to add the predicted 3.5m storm surge on top of the high tide level. The UK is quite extreme for tides - we have some of the largest tidal ranges in the world. For example, I know that for Liverpool a spring high tide is about 10 metres, so that storm surge would put the total level at 13.5 metres. I'm not sure what the tidal range on the east coast of the US is - probably less than the UK.

One way for another, a rough 24 / 36 hours coming up.

I hope our American cousins have battened down the hatches and will ride it out safely.


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Another good source of news is It looks vicious, but I hope that most people will evacuate areas as instructed and keep safe. If I was good at prayers, I'd be saying more of them...


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Have heard from my friend who lives out there and are on the edge of the storm. Seems that commications to the public within the area is running quite excellent. They experience intermittent power outages for short and then longer periods, though power does seem to be possible to bring back to life in a lot of the areas.

Stay home and batten down the hatches is the general consensus, although, as with all these things, you do get those who insist on going out to play in the water, or film the devastation instead of considering their own personal safety.

In general though, it seems that the organisation is coping pretty well and the majority of people are being sensible about following the advice.

Her little one is taking it all in her stride (at 2yr old) although she is devastated that Trick or Treat has been cancelled due to rain!! Bless her.
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