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Ok here is what going on, down here in Houston there is not really any good Saxophone stores catered to expert models and expensive quality or vintage mouthpieces. I have only found one store that is willing to order some and since I have listened to many people I am going to have them order 4 or 5 different brands so I can play on them and then make a decision. My question is does anybody have any recommendations for Alto mouthpieces that can brighten up a dark horn a little or maybe even give it that pop sound. The horn is a Eastman 52st Unlaquered and I know its a dark sounding horn bc my teacher played on it and he still sounded dark. He said it sounds like an old vintage selmer.

And also since we are on the topic if anybody knows a vintage saxophone shop hiding in Houston or close maybe Austin please guide me in that direction. Thanks to ALLLLLLLLLLLL
The rico metalite is quite bright.

EBay is a good place if you know what you want.

yes, but watch for dealers pushing prices up, dodgy sellers... There's a lot less protection in the US.

But if you get something for less than half the new price, you can test and if you don't like it, sell on for little loss, or maybe evena profit. Just make sure you keep your bidding low.
Depends on how bright you want to go - a Vandoren Java or one of the Runyon mouthpieces might do the job - http://www.runyonproducts.com/alto.charts.html

for Vandoren dealers in Houston, try searching on this website - Vandoren - Find A Dealer
you might find a few sax shops on there, although it may not be up to date

have you tried this place for saxes in Hoston - Used Musical Band Instruments-Fleming Instruments Houston

there's a few decent mouthpieces listed on this website, although they may not stock them in your local branch - Alto Sax Mouthpieces | BROOK MAYS | E-Mail orders@brookmays.com

this guy does repairs, but may know people selling vintage saxes - Welcome to WindWorx Music Instrument repair and sales Houston, Missouri City, Stafford, Sugarland, Pearland, Texas

obviously, I don't live in Texas, so this is only the result of a bit of googling, hope it's of some help
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Thanks Altissimo had know Idea Flemings exsisted. Ill give them a call see what they got. They have a Kind Super 20 Tenor, and there is an article saying the early models were " Snap, Crackle, POP" in a good way if you know what I mean.
A second hand Dukoff D would certainly brighten things up, as would a Berg O chamber. As Colin said in the other post a Metalite is quite bright also. It all depends on your sound concept. Good Hunting.

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