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Sale Improv Workshop soundbite

Wade Cornell

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You followed on well from Mike Hall. He sort of fell off and didn't give much energy to the last part of his solo. Yes he's got great solo chops but your energy brought it back up. Well done. Have to admit that it was a struggle listening to the head. Maybe chop it off and just feature the solos?


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Yes, that head sounds really bad (I feel I can say this as I was playing too). It didn't seem that bad at the time. Maybe because I was mostly trying to concentrate on the rhythm section.

Enjoyed your solo, though, Thomas. Both on the day and in the recording. I agree with Wade that the start was particularly strong. I don't suppose you happened to catch any of my stuff?


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I tend to agree with Wade on this one. Your solo Thomas lifted the tune back to life again. Hey Martin if you played the bari then yes I picked it out. It stood out as being right and sounded good..


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Many thanks for having a listen and the kind words guys.

I frankly am wondering if you're picking out the right bits as my solo. I was happy enough with it for what it was but am not sensing the uplift in energy you guys are picking up. Thanks though!

Wade, yes agree the head sounds rough but I guess that's what you get when you throw 10 assorted saxes of varying ability/experience and with differing strengths and weaknesses (and largely strangers to one another, including some relative beginners like me) together for a day with a rhythm section and 3 new tunes to play and improvise over. The clip I used was exactly what my partner recorded on her phone. I guess I should probably edit out the opening bars of the 3rd person's solo. I left the head in place though as the post is as much to let anyone who might be interested know what a day like that is about and how it sounds, as much as it is to showcase my little solo.

Thanks a lot Martin. It was great to meet you both on Saturday. Marie just captured a few snippets on her phone. I haven't had a chance to listen to them all through - she only emailed me the one I posted. I think she mainly tried to capture my bits but I'll try to see if there's anything there that you feature on.

Thanks Chris, very kind.
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