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Ryan Air eat your heart out

Discussion in 'Breakfastroom' started by Moz, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Moz

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    North of Liskeard, Cornwall
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    Just booked tickets at Plymouth Pavilions to see a show.

    Now I always objected to a 'booking fee' on principle but now...now, on top of the booking fee we have a £1.25 'fulfillment fee'. I might be wrong but I think someone somewhere is taking the piss now. When we get used to a fulfillment fee will they then hit us with a 'gratification fee' to ensure we enjoy the show or we waste our money, a 'seating fee' to ensure you get somewhere to sit (no, you can't bring your own chair unless you pay a 'secondary ass-support fee')? I'm waiting for the sods to start charging to use the friggin' loo. Methinks they are taking lessons from Ryan Air.

    I'm sure it is even worse in London.
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