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Hi guys - I have a question about Runyon facings and tip openings.

I am just about to buy a Tenor Runyon metal quantum.

I have been playing an Otto Link Metal TM with a 7 facing (lay) which has a tip opening of .100 .

So I have checked out various Facing Comparison charts and come up with huge discrepancies, especially for Runyon.
Here Saxophone Mouthpiece Facing Charts |
The OL with tip opening of 100 is their No.7 facing piece
The OL with tip opening of 110 is their No.8 facing piece
The Runyon with tip opening of 100 is their No.8 facing piece
The Runyon with tip opening of 110 is their No.9 facing piece
the comparison is similar.

But then on the Runyon Site here
The OL with tip opening of 100 is their No.7 facing piece (same)
The OL with tip opening of 110 is their No.8 facing piece (same)
The Runyon with tip opening of 94 is their No.8 facing piece
The Runyon with tip opening of 99 is their No.9 facing piece and
The Runyon with tip opening of 110 is their No.12 facing piece !!!!!
Similar on the JodyJazz chart here JodyJazz Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Facing Charts

Has anyone else found this problem with Runyon facing and tip openings.

I am thinking of moving to 110 on the Runyon which I thought would be a Runyon 9. After just having had a look at the Runyon sight it seems they have it as a 12 instead...a huge difference.

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I can't offer much technical knowledge here but I have an OL7 and a Runyon Quantum 9, and the Runyon is way, way louder and quite a lot coarser - fine in the right setting of course but for me, a 12 would be a bit too extreme.

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Why not order specifying the tip opening you prefer in thousandths of an inch. That way there should be no doubts about your desire.


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Again, like Dooce, I have a Runyon Quantum, but mines a 10. Its a real beast of a piece but I tend to play loud and leary Rock 'n' roll. It's a little difficult to tame the bottom end especially if I haven't practiced as much as I need to, if I'm up on my practice, then the bottom end is as sweet as you like. It just takes a lot of work. (I know this doesn't help you with your question but I'm good at that! :))))


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I've had a number of Runytons over the years, on sop, alto, tenor and bari, and still play one on bari. Their tip openings use much larger numbers for a given opening than other makes such as Otto Link. My bari is a 10, which sounds like a monster, but it's not. Just go by the chart on Runyon's own web site and don't be worried by the big-sounding numbers, it's the tip opening that matters.

Oh, and by the way. Runyon metal quantums are real screamers. They rock.


OK guys,
Thanks for the advice. I have ordered a Runyon Metal Quantum 9 since that seems reasonably in line with what I am used to, the OL 7, and as per Dooces advice. If the tip is a little more open then that would be fine, since I am enjoying the flexibility of a more open tip these days.

The Runyon Comparison chart puts this piece at 99 (slightly smaller than the OL 7). Other comparison charts however are putting the Runyon 9 at 110. I guess I'm wondering "Why such a difference?"



Well guys, just to round up. I received my Runyon Metal Quantum 9 last week and just love it. It came 3 days before our new bands first concert, so i didn't have the cahones to use it that night as i wanted to get used to it. Well I've played it everyday since and love it. Wow what power! But I was expecting that. When I ordered it from i had the mind-set of someone buying the most powerful motorcycle they can find just cuz they can. I wanted to have it in my arsenal, if you like.

What I wasn't prepared for is how versatile it is. It is incredibly free blowing, effortless to get a decent amount of air through and really make it scream. When you put a lot of air through it has this kind of "bite" to the sound, which kind of "snaps" a note out . Really good for percussive playing that really cuts through everything. But then it sounds great played in other ways. I have found I can get some very mellow sub-toning going on over a larger range than I have before. Low notes resonate very well and high notes seem to have more partials than my ear is used to hearing in my playing.

O.K. I may annoy the neighbours a bit more but it is a joy to play on.

At the moment I am using Rico PC 3s and one of the new Rovner Versas. That of coarse is the punchiest set up for some good Rock 'n' Roll and R&B honking. I took the spoiler out for the moment otherwise it would just be a complete animal and I think some of the band members might start to object. It is like having your own amplifier that goes up to '11'. ;-)

Thanks Runyon - what fun :welldone
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