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Reeds Runyon Custom Jazz alto reed help


Bay Area California
I play on vandoren javas size 3's. I have had my custom for a few months now but I'm having a continually difficult time keeping a consistant tone because I have a classical setup with a Selmer C*. It's kind of wierd because I need softer reeds to get a good tone outta the custom, and harder reeds to play on the C*, but it's getting frustrating because I have to soak the jazz reeds for a day to soften them before playing them and I don't do anything with the classical ones. I guess it is working alright, but does anyone have a better idea? Any different reeds? And why is it so hard to use the same reeds with the different pieces? (I have a dukoff that I got from a friend too, and I use the classical reeds for it...)
If the Runyon has a wider opening than the Selmer, you would expect to use a softer reed on the Runyon. If you're having to soak the same reed every day to get it to play (I know some people like to do this anyway, but I've never found it necessary) that would suggest to me that you might want to try going a bit softer still.
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