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Mouthpieces Rousseau ER20014R Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece, E. Classic # 4R

I have a Rousseau classic 5R which I use for classicstuff or if I want to sound a bit more mellow than usual. I used to have an S80 but preferred the sound of the Rousseau so kept that. Stick a Marca Jazz or somethng similar on it and poke some air down it and it goes reasonably well too.
I have both the 4R and 5R and play each depending upon the occasion. The 5R is a bit more open and requires a bit softer reed. I was a Selmer fan for many years playing on the old scroll D and C* pieces on alto, but found the Rousseaus enabled me to get a rounder tone and play the low register with more control at softer dynamic levels.
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