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Roger Lewis, Kevin Harris keepin the party going..


Essex, England
I'd like to share my admiration for these guys who play tenor and bari for the dirty dozen brass band. The whole band are fantastic musicians (love the trumpets, too). I suppose they're typical of the funk/soul/blues/jazz players from New orleans ....... The best thing about their music is that they are at it from start to finish, I wasn't sure which category to post a video, so here's an old clip which shows the kind of energy they can generate.
If you get a chance, see how they look now..... I think theyve still got it......:w00t:
.... I think theyve still got it......:w00t:

They certainly have. I played with them a couple of months back at the Dirty Dozen gig in Islington. Roger is now a PPT endorser. But not Kevin.
Roger is now a PPT endorser.
Just had a look at the PPT page, it sounds great ! I'm kind of saving up for a tenor mouthpiece (providing I can sell my Link tone master), and a PPT sounds like what I'm after. Poor old Kev will have to struggle on without one, then . :thumb:

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