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Rocksax in five grooves


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If you're in the Copenhagen or Scania area (South Sweden) on the 5th of August you can join a Rocksax workshop. The workshop is held in Scania, c 90 minutes from Copenhagen. The leader of the day is Andrew Clark (Rock 'n' Roll Saxophone columnist in Saxophone Journal).

The day will cover:

Playing and soloing in different grooves (ballad, blues, soul, funk and reagge)
Rocksax effects.
Approach to the saxblues in A and E.
Recommended listening and equipment ......

I charge 500 s e k ( ca £ 42.00) for the day 9.00-15.00 (minus one hour break). Maxium 15 participants. You can also book Andrew for individual instructions/teaching. On Sunday the 9th of August, Clark will be doing roughly the same thing in Stockholm. Send a PM if you want more information.

Sounds very interesting indeed, and very good timing for me. I'll send you a PM Thomas for more details. Are you going? It would be nice to eventually meet. Oh, one thing, is the course in Swedish or English?
I'll be there. Last time I was even blowing some sax!

We use to be about 10 saxplayer, Eb or Bb sax doesen't matter, and we are all amatuers. Late bloomers, younger players, hamburgers or cheeseburgers ... .

The course is in English but the jokes are American!! We all understand and talk English, more or less.

Players from this forum pays 10% of the fee to Pete's charity fondation. The remaining amount when you are here in Sweden.

Yes, it would be nice if we could meet and of course all other saxplayers from this forum. Maybe we got three flags when we marsch past? The Danish, Union Jack and the Swedish flag. We're playing Cacklin' Sax so learn the song by ear;}



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