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I'm probably the last to come across it but for any-one else wallowing in ignorance, may I commend finding a Dutch group called Dixieland Crackerjacks. Many of their clips feature a bass saxophone player, who also blows a pretty fair clarinet, and if you can tolerate a bit of Dixieland please enjoy.

Apologies if this is in the wrong place on the Forum but my computer skills would doubtless lose any attempt to post a link.



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Here's one to be getting on with. Great fun!

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Nice video, I`m not a dixieland fan but in my youth I saw and heard The Dutch College Swing Band, Chris Barber and Otillie Patterson all playing the same gig in Munchen-Gladbach Germany and this video brought back memories.

It was what I called traditional jazz. I could never quite understand the genres within that broad heading. My next venture into trad was seeing Satchmo and the All Stars at Newcastle City Hall, best seat in the house 15 shillings in 1961 (75p. today. )

Great showman but the music did nothing for me. Round about that time I became a West Coast convert. Shed my long hair and purple drainpipe suit and started wearing shades, shiny suits and button down shirts.

Made to measure suit £7. 12 shillings
Ford Cortina new £591.00
Boosey and Hawkes Bflat Clarinet £19 and 6 shillings.
Oh and if you are hungry a loaf of bread unsliced 5 old pence. Regds N.
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