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Beginner Roadrunner


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Hi everyone, I'm trying to track down the music for a song called Roadrunner by Junior Walker. Any pointers are much appreciated.


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Curtis Swift of has transcribed about 13 songs played by Junior Walker, but unfortunately Roadrunner isn't on the list.

If you are desperate for it, Curtis will probably do it for you in a few weeks and for about $20 or so.

Curtis has done quite a few trasncriptions for me and they are first rate.



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A great song! One of the first Rocksax songs that I heard on the radio in the late 60's (the song is from -66)!!! "I'm A Roadrunner" (B.Holland, E.Holland, L Dozier) is in F. Jr Walker and other players I've heard, are using some Rocksax effects (fluttertone ,growl ... ) to make it more interesting. Most players are also playing out of the range of thier saxes (altissimo tones).

I've been listening a lot to that song during rehearsals. I have a friend that use to come to Sweden for gigs and workshops and his is doing Roadrunner. Between the the singing lines he is playing his tenor. But there are a hornsection as well to this song. Nice barilines, trumpet and tenorsax.

This is a song I tried to learn by ear. I recorded the song from the LP into a recorder. Took down the speed of the recorder and went down one octave on my tenor sax. So I could pick the tones within the range of the sax and at a lower speed! So I'm not playing the high tones!!!

Beside Jr Walker versions I'm listening to Andrew Clark version. He made the song on his second CD "Jay Walking". Beside Andrew on lead tenor and vocal, Gleen Shambroom is on barisax and Scott Shetler is on tenorsax. Scott Shetler also did the horn arrangements and the barisax transcriptions. We use to sell the CD at the gigs and workshops. If you want to buy a copy just send a PM. His CD "Jay Walking" is a tribute to his biggest influences Jr Walker and King Curtis. Song like "Roadrunner, Soul Theme, Home Cookin', Cleo's Mood, Shotgun, Pucker Up Buttercup" ..... + some of Andrews own songs are on the CD.

If you you have further questions you can e-mail Andrew Clark on: SAXATTACK******** Andrew is hopefully coming over to Sweden for gigs and workshops coming August so you are more than welcome to join us for some honking. Goes for everyone on this forum!!

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