RIP Johnny Dankworth

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Pretty good innings and a pretty good work record.
Amused by the BBC reports that he played in the liner bands before forming his own band but not the reason.
Lots of the Brit musicians played or worked on the liners so they could hear the music of New York for Johnny and the modernists, New Orleans for the trad boys.
Sir John was also responsible for a novelty record themed on Three Blind Mice.
Thanks Johhny, only saw you live once, in the early sixties with your super 'big' and 'seven' band and it was great.


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I grew up to the sound of Dankworth - Dad was a huge fan. What a legacy the guy leaves behind him - far more than the music.

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Yes, did a huge amount to the cause of spreading the message of the music. As the TV reporter said, much more than a musician. Sadly missed.


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My folks were also fans. He'll be sorely missed. Saw him on the Beeb a few times before I emigrated.


I am sure the B.B.C. or I.T.V will soon do a tribute to the great man. If and when they do would someone here be kind enough to let us know what day time ect so we dont miss out thank you. Tom.


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Very, very sad. The second time I ever played sax in public was a gig where he was the guest musician with the big band I was in at the time. It made me want to become a professional one day.

Last time I saw him was at the Royal Albert Hall for a BBC proms a couple of years ago. It was his 80th birthday gig and he still sounded amazing.

I hope one day to be even a 100th the musician he was.

He was the man who along with Ronnie Scott built the British jazz scene. A gentleman, a lovely sax player and, most importantly, somebody who inspired many to listen and take up the music. Big boots to fill.

RIP Johnny

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Very very sad news. Saw him a few times in the summer, he even played with Peter King and Bobby Wellins up at the Stables.

He was certainly a big influence and patron of Jazz over the years. He will be sadly missed.


Saw him in the summer at the Stables and again when he played one song at the Stables Christmas Concert when his son Alex hosted the show. I guess it may well have been his last live performance... R.I.P...

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Shock news when we woke up this morning. My wife and I were at their 80th birthdays celebration at The Stables two years ago with this fun couple and family. And what a talented family! It's a wonderful venue; a great achievement that has encouraged many youngsters (and not so young) with their music interests. Having attended many of the concerts, sessions and courses over the years you can feel the love and respect when you visit the place. Condolences to all.
RIP Johnny - but I don't think that will happen as where ever we pass on to has a great, lively new guest. Our aim in life should be to leave the world a better place than we found it and you certainly, certainly did that in a big way! Sadly, sadly missed.

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Well here's one local radio tribute:

Paul Barnes pays tribute to the late Sir John Dankworth on Saturday. Catch the brodcast live on BBC Cambs, Essex, Kent, Norfolk, Suffolk, Nothampton & Three Counties at 23:00 or from Sunday onwards on Iplayer at:http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p002mhdx

No doubt there'll be national radio/TV tributes at some point. I should think BBC Jazz Library will do a profile as well.
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