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Reeds Rico's Vitalizer Reed Case and Humidity Control Pack

I don't agree with the comments on the reed case. Mine works perfectly. But I don't use the humidifier...

I'm with Kev. I have had one for over a year and have no problems with it.
Also, I've looked at adverts for this and can't see where it promises to keep your reeds straight without warping. It says it "helps prevent warping". to me that isn't a guarantee that it won't happen.
That said, I'm not aware of any of my alto reeds warping in the 15 or so months that I've had it.
I use the humidifier too.
No need to defend them on advertising. Someone has to hold them up to their promises. Even if they only promise to 'help' prevent warping, I think I should be allowed to comment on how well they deliver on that promise. I'm glad you guys have all had such great experience with the case. I can only report my experience! I think different environments with different humidity levels simply lend different results.
I live in Wales and therefore the humidity control is not that necessary......;} I have had one for just over 2 years and no warping at all, but have only used it in Wales. I quite like the fact that it can hold two sets of reeds (it can hold 2x4 reeds, and is solid enough, but don't like the expense of replacing the humidity packs, so mainly use the Vandoren alternatives - Hygrocase.

I have not replaced the humidity pack since it ceased to function, and the reeds seem to function well, with just a brief soaking in water/whisky first.

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