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M/Pieces - Ligs Rico Metalite Reviewed (w/ Sound Clip)

By the way, after a little reflection and study, I've updated the review. There is a more detailed and better description of the challenge the mouthpiece might present to some players.


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Have a word with JonF. The Alto versions are not produced due to low demand - but I have noticed some on recently - new old stock.

Kind regards

They are still available at $19.95 but only in size M11 - 0.110"
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Interesting. I didn't realise they were back in production. Good for players, I'd say.

You say it's hard rubber, but the original metalites were a grey plastic, I'm surprised they can sell a hard rubber piece for this price.

Would be interesting to have a little more background and info on how it differs (if at all) from the original metalites.

I'm not overkeen on my tenor one (original). Plays well, but I'm not so keen on the tone. Must try it again. I didn't have any of the problems you described - perhaps they've changed the design and not the name. Perhaps it would have worked better on a slightly softer reed. But for the price it's an excellent piece!
I wouldn't necessarily say its a problem. I did try it on a softer reed to make sure my conclusions were correct. I believe its a long facing that balances out the crazy step baffle. The long facing requires more jaw pressure for response compared to the more common medium facing. The long facing is also more sensitive to inflection as the metalite proves to be. Anyways, i wouldn't say its a problem, just something to be aware of. If you are more accustomed to a medium facing it'll take some adjusting.


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are you sure these new ones are hard rubber? like keve said- every metalite to date seems to be plastic...


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Hi Y'all,

Rico Metalite, I've just bought one (tenor M7), and love it!!!
On my MkV1 it sounds fantastic, but only after sanding the reed (bet you didn't guess that was coming), softer is best, lip out and all ;}
I look forward to hearing the recording of tonight's gig and to hear the crowds reaction
(they are very discerning these Spaniards :)))). I love 'em.
Oh, I've just remembered, there won't be a gig, the world ends at 6pm today :)))

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