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Reeds Rico alto reeds - Select Jazz Hard 4 - a box of 10 for 6.86

Have any of our more experienced players ever tried this strength of RJS, I play 3m's all the time and find them a very easy blow and very consistent between reeds and long lasting too,so they might be worth a try at that price
I saw some hand made shoes on amazon. Beautiful they are and only £9.99. They only had size six and I'm an 11. I ordered the shoes and am booked in to have my toes removed. Can't wait.

And then there was the Yorkshireman who found a pair of crutches. Went home and broke his leg.

A bargain is only a bargain if it's a bargain. Stuff nobody wants is usually sold off cheap.
3m 4s 4m 4h sometimes a step up or down but not 3 steps.

Maybe I'm secretly being drawn to the challenge to see if I can blow a 4H and if it improves my playing and tone, but your probably right Colin especially after going to my last two Lupifaro reeds after raving about them and finding them a hard blow, mind you they were the classic and not the Jazz variety, I'm actually using a vandoren Jazz 3 superior at the mo which seems to be playing very nicely and I have never been very fond of vandorens.
Where on Amazon were those shoes

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