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Richard Tee and Tom Scott


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Recently just discovered a youtube video of Richard Tee with Tom Scott playing. Man what an absolutely fantastic pianist! And as for Tom Scott......Just wow!

Anybody else here like any of Richard Tee's stuff? Any album recommendations?



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That's funny! I listened to Richard Tee yesterday on a Eric Gale recording ( I tried to catch some licks on my soprano from Gales guitar) and I love his way to play. After reading your post I also listened to a cassette recording I got from the saxman David "Woody" Woodford (Los Angeles) and Tee is on keyboard/piano an that recording. The band they played in on the recording (from 1985) was called "Why Is It" (Cornell Dupree gtr, Richard Tee keys/piano, Will Lee bass, Dave Weckl drm and Woodford sax). Dupree and Tee also played in the legendary band that called "Stuff". All is great music. I looked for a Youtube clip but I guess that there was no video recording on the gigs.

But I found this Youtube clip with Tee. On the clip is also Weckl on drums and Lenny Pickett on tenorsax. Pickett is the altissimo master!! He can really play in the altissimo register. He is playing a Selmer Mk VI with Berg Larsen 130/0 SMS and Vandoren bass clarinet reeds.


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