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Saxophones Rheuben Allen M10 Tenor Saxophone Neck w/ Adjustable Sound Weight System

Fraser Jarvis

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Bit like the Goodson neck, with what looks like a pair of dogs b******* attached to it or the Cannonball neck with the Hallowed stones (are those guys cultists BTW?)


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Beautiful Springville, Utah USA
How does this work? Physics says that it doesn't. The Influence of Wall Vibrations on the Behavior of a Simplified Wind Instrument. This link goes to the abstract of the study. If anyone would like the complete study in pdf format, I would be happy to send it by email.

Despite clear scientific evidence to the contrary, there are still those who claim that adding mass to the outside of the body (or neck) tube influences the vibrations inside the tube to a perceptible degree. Whether there is some level of "bio-acoustic feedback" experienced by skilled players remains unanswered. One possibility is that a player's expectation that the sound will be darker or brighter leads that player to subconsciously adjust their playing to produce the expected outcome. This, of course, could be eliminated by doing controlled double blind studies which have yet to be done in the case of adding mass to the outside of the tube.

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