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Recording Reverb, what’s your favourite flavour?


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When recording what type of reverb pluggin do you like to use? I consider there are two broad families of reverb, ones that try to replicate the physical space and those that are more of an effect, like a plate or spring reverbs.

I’m planning on doing a bit of recording, even if it's just to hear how I'm progressing, and reverb is needed to make things sound more real, and as a good number of you are recording tunes for the tune of the month etc I would be interested to know which reverbs you like.

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Most reverb plugins, even the free ones, come with both options. What you choose to use should really be dictated by the song you're playing, the backing you're playing to and what you think sounds best.

As long as you're not using Audacity you can experiment to your heart's content. At their most basic, I personally don't usually like plate reverb as I prefer a more 'natural' room sound, however I do still occasionally use it specifically because it has its own distinctive sound.


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Reverb,delay,echo, sync or not to sync ?
It's your paintbox and pallette and your picture , I know one thing for sure and that's if you think you have the right mix between wet and dry it's time for a towel .


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Audacity isn't a DAW so adding effects like reverb is destructive. You can play with effects but it's incredibly time consuming and laborious. And counter-intuitive.
It just needs a different approach and certainly is slower, requiring you to duplicate the Dry instrument track and then apply effects to the Copy. I'm so used to Audacity now that I don't really notice its clunkiness but I have never used proper DAWs.

There are quite a few built-in Reverb effects with Audacity and you can pick one of them or play with parameters to your heart's content to make other Reverbs. I use one of the preset Vocal Reverbs, but make sure I make the sax track a stereo track before adding Reverb. Then it's easy enough to mix the Dry sax with the Reverb sax until it sounds nice.



There is al least one Audacity compatible reverb VST that you can adjust as it plays

Agree that you need to use a different DAW to have real flexibility


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I’m quite partial to a plate. I’m fortunate to have a great sounding room at home so I tend not to try to emulate larger rooms,unless I’m trying to add to a track which already has a clear room sound which I have to try to match.
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