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I have just had one of those moments when you think "why didn't i do this before?"
One of the groups i play with is a small jazz quartet composed of two guitars, bass guitar and myself on tenor,alto and clarinet.
up till now i have played acoustically because we tend to play at venues where the music is required to be at a level that is not to obtrusive.
However the Bass player having heard me in another band,where i use a clipon mic, has been going on at me to try using the mic with this group, which at first i was reluctant to do, i was afraid that it would unbalance the sound.
but wow! what a difference i discovered that i could actually lay back and play with less effort than usual and that i could get more colour and expression in my phrases.
and more to the point punters have been coming up to me saying how much they enjoyed the gig and my playing in particular.
it just goes to show that no matter how long you have been playing( in my case forty years ish) you do and should keep on learning.

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